Members can update personal information on the Personal Information page.  As a security measure, credit unions can elect that these changes require their review before changes are accepted and changed in the system.  

This approval setup is activated on the Update Credit Union Online Banking Settings page access via Tool # 569: Online/Mobile Text Banking VMS Config, and then Online/Mobile Web Online Banking. On this screen the credit union selects "Reviewed update (approval required)" for "Allow maint of personal information by member (online)."   

The Personal Information page allows the member to update their name, address, phone numbers, email address and code word.  Once this feature is activated, all updates to the page require review by the credit union.  
  • NOTE:  Enrollment in certain self-service features (i.e. eStatements, eNotices, and eAlerts) also may require that a member change his or her email address.  In these enrollment features, the email address is immediately updated and does not go through a review process.
Regardless of how the email address is updated, once it is updated, the member receives a confirmation email to their old and new email address.