There are three important components to the It's Me 247 Online/Mobile Banking User Agreement:
  1. The agreement itself 
  2. The "master" date on the credit union's Online Banking/ARU Configuration (you can see this via Tool #140 ARU/Online Banking Controls Inquiry)
  3. The "agreement accepted" date on the individual member’s record (you can see this via Tool #72 Update ARU/Online Banking Access)
The important thing to remember is that we have only one agreement.  The trick is whether we present the agreement to any particular member or not. 
Here's how that "master" date works per our online help:
"If a new revision is published, this date can either be updated to require all members to re-read and accept the newest revision, even if they have already accepted a revision in the past. If the date is not altered, new members will see the updated version, but existing members will not be required to read the agreement again."
On the member record, the "agreement accepted" date works like this:
  • If the date is blank, the member is presented with the agreement next time they log in.
  • If the date is not blank, the date is compared to the master date in the config.  If the member’s date is older than the master date, the member is presented with the agreement.
The result is that we can publish a new agreement any time we need to (such as when a new feature is introduced that requires new indemnification language), but whether we change the date in the config or not controls whether all users, or only "new" users, have to accept it. 

We can also use a mechanism to force the member’s agreement accepted date to be cleared, which means they get the agreement next time just like they were a brand-new member.  For example, when a member is enrolled in eNotices via CU*BASE, we clear that member's agreement accepted date, which forces the agreement to be presented next time they log in.