When you use the filter buttons on the File Maintenance Inquiry dashboard (Tool #159: Audit File Maintenance Inquiry (CUFMNT)), indicators note which  programs, fields/columns, and files/tables AuditLink has flagged as “critical” for auditing teams to monitor on a daily basis. You can quickly sort by that indicator and select only those items for a quick scan of maintenance that directly affects member accounts. 

Below is a listing of these critical items.


Field Why AuditLink looks at this  Appears in Table(s)
Address change – Watch for multiple accounts being changed to the same address (possible employee fraud). Make sure accounts are not being changed to a P.O. Box with no physical address on file.  A credit union must always have a physical address for reporting purposes. MASTER
DBLIMT Disbursement Limit – Watch for disbursements after the loan has already been disbursed.  Possible employee fraud.  MEMBERx
DIVRTE Dividend rate change.  Would be seen on CDs and IRAs.  Looking for the rate being raised. SYSCTL
DORMON Excluded from dormancy.  Allows an account to never go into dormancy or remove a currently dormant account from dormancy.  Possible employee fraud. MASTER
DQCNTR Delinquency control.  Means that an account has been taken off of delinquency monitoring. SYSCTL
EMAIL1 Email address changes.  Are they being changed to something out of the norm?  Looking for identity theft. PCMBRCFG
INTRAT Interest rate changes MEMBERx
JOSSN Joint Owner Social Security Number change SECNAMES
LNAME Last Name change MASTER
LNAPP Loan Application.  Watch for loan app deletions.  Reg B states that you must have proof of why you pulled a credit report and also that something has been done with the application 30 days after the application was taken. LNAP
MATDAT Maturity date.  Check the loan file. This is usually seen on open-end loans.  Make sure that a credit report has been pulled. MEMBERx
NOMAIL This states that a member’s mail preference has changed. Either that they are no longer receiving statements or that they are now receiving statements. MASTER
NONOTC No delinquency notice printed MEMBERx
NXPAYDAT Next payment date.  Look for an extension agreement. MEMBERx
PAYFRQ Payment frequency MEMBERx
PAYMNT Payment amount MEMBERx
PCHL (scheduled pmt changes)
REVWDT Review Date.  Check the loan file. This is usually seen on open-end loans.  Make sure that a credit report has been pulled. MEMBERx
SSN Social Security Number change MASTER
TCD ACH distribution changes.  Look for changes being made to a G/L. ACHDST
WRADD Wrong address MASTER



Table  Why AuditLink looks at this 
CHKMS Direct update of the credit union check register.
MASTER Direct update of general membership data.
MASTRL Direct update of general membership data.
MEMBER1 Direct update of member savings/IRA account data.
MEMBER2 Direct update of member checking account data.
MEMBER3 Direct update of member certificate account data.
MEMBER4 Direct update of member escrow account data.
MEMBER5 Direct update of member loan account data.
MEMBER6 Direct update of member LOC/CC account data.


Program  Why AuditLink looks at this 
ABSRCHCL Tool #908  Update Overdraft Protection
IGLCUCL Tool #889  Update CU Check History
IGLCUCL Tool #899  Update IRS Tax Information
IINVSM Tool #920  Update Variable Investment Rates
PCTGS01CL Tool #12  Update/Order Online Credit Cards
PNDXSCCL Tool #886  Update Check Proc. Cross Reference File
U1042CL Tool #921  Update 1042-S Tax Form Data
U1099CL Tool #922  Update 1099-A, C and MISC Tax Form Data
UACCTEMCL Tool #890  Update Email Addresses
UARUTCCL Tool #883  Update ARU/Online Banking Transfer Ctrl
UATTRCL Tool #884  Update Auto Transfer Information
UCCRRTCL Tool #907  Update Online CC Rate/Charge Types
UCMASTCL Tool #888  Update Closed Membership Information
UCMEMBCL Tool #887  Update Closed Account Information
UDRMNT Tool #985 Work Dormant Members
Looking for “Deleted from Dormancy List."  This allows an account to be removed from the suspended list.  Possible employee fraud.
UHDTLCL Tool #885  Update Change Fund Summary
ULNINFCL Tool# 51  Miscellaneous Loan Maintenance
UMBRSL2CL Tool #20  Update Account Information
UMBRSL3CL Tool #15  Update Membership Information
UMBRSL4SCL Tool #918  Update Trans Desc & IRA/HSA Post Codes
UMTGSTMHCL Tool #904  Update Mortgage Statement History
UNSFCL Tool #906  Update NSF Stats / Reg DD Fees
UPINCL Tool #72  Update ARU/Online Banking Access (PIN)
USBOXCL Tool #912  Update Safe Deposit Box Information
USCMSCL Tool #903  Update Misc. Secured Funds Information
UUNCOLCL Tool #919  Update Uncollected Funds Information