CU*BASE has a tool that displays application statistics in a handy dashboard format. Tool #472 Loan Queue Activity Tracking allows you to choose a date range and branch to filter the information, with additional filters such as Underwriter Code, Delivery Channel, Interviewer ID, Loan Category, Product Code, Dealer #, and Business Unit, if you wish. You can also use this dashboard to analyze the data you've selected in your filters, as well as export to a PDF or Excel format. This dashboard can also be accessed from Tool #2 Work/View Loan Application, by selecting "Activity Tracking". 

If you prefer to build a custom report, which includes member specific detail, you may use Tool #100 Report Builder to obtain that data. Simply use table LNAP (Member Loan Application List) and/or table NLNAP (Non-Member Loan Application List), both located in your FILExx library. The key element for understanding results of the report will live in the "Record Status" data column/field. In that column:

X = deleted app
D = denied
L = booked
A = pending

However, we recommend that if you don't require specific member data, you use the dashboard, as the data is derived directly from the LNAP table.