As a result of a January 2018 Windows 10 update, you will need to join your Windows 10 iSweep to your domain. This will be handled internally for Network Services Managed Clients, however, non-managed clients will need to have Network Services work with their IT staff/third party IT company to setup a new local account on the machine in order to join this unit to your domain and complete the additional steps.

Configuring Group Policy and Active Directory
Active Directory Configuration
  1. Open Active Directory and right-click the Domain Name at the top of the tree on the left side.
  2. Hover over “new” and select Organizational Unit
  3. Name the new OU “CUA – iSweep Management”
Group Policy Configuration
  1. Create a new Group Policy Object in Group Policy Management:
  1. Open “Group Policy Management
  2. Right-click “Group Policy Objects” and Click “New”
  3. Enter “CUA – iSweep Management” in the Name field and click OK.
  1. Right-click the GPO and select “Import Settings”
  2. Find and select the GPO extracted from “” file (see link below for this file)
  3. Right-click the iSweep Organizational Unit in the GPO tree and select “Block Inheritance”
  4. Right-click the iSweep Organizational Unit in the GPO tree and select “link an existing GPO”
  5. Select “CUA – iSweep Management” and click OK.
  6. Join the iSweeps to the Domain
  1. Log into the machine under the local account
  2. For Managed clients, this will be handled by CUA. For non-managed clients, you will be provided with credentials to the account LocalClient when you contact Network Services to set up the account.
  3. Click on the Start icon
  4. Click on the gear symbol to open the Settings page
  5. Click on System
  6. Click on the About tab, and select Join a Domain
  7. Enter the name of the domain you are joining
  8. Sign into the login prompt with a network account.
  9. The iSweep will authenticate to the domain. You will then need to restart.
  1. Move Active Directory computer objects for the iSweeps to the newly created Organizational Unit. (Most likely in the “Computers” OU by default).
  2. Restart all iSweep devices for the new Group Policy Settings to be applied.
  3. Log off of and re-launch ProDOC. If you do not receive a message stating that ProDOC is running in a “Degraded” mode, the process has been successful.
(If the error appears, the iSweep is not available to the workstation and will need troubleshooting.)