If a member cannot view their check, the research team needs the following information:

Credit Union Questions
  • What is your credit union name?
  • Have multiple members reported that they cannot view checks?  Are these members having the same experience when viewing their check?  (See "Member Questions.")
  • Has the check appeared on the Check Exceptions Report?  (TNDET)
  • Was this check cleared at the teller line? (Sometimes this is referred to as a counter-killed check.)
  • Are you able to retrieve a check image from your vendor's back office? (Generally, this is accessed from the "My Check Image Vault" button in the Time Out window.  The Time Out window is access by selecting the Escape key when on the CU*BASE home page.)

Member Questions
  • Does the member have a pop-up blocker turned on?
  • Does the member see a "View Check" link on the Account Summary page in online banking? (This is the page with the list of transactions.)
  • What is the exact wording of the message the member is seeing?

Data on Check 
  • What is the member's account number? (IMPORTANT: Use proper tools for transmitting private data.)
  • When did check clear?  What is the date?
  • What is the amount of the check?
  • What is the check number?