This will happen if you do not have access to YouTube, which hosts the videos found on the CU*Answers OnDemand site. To fix this problem, ask the IT person or network administrator at your credit union to enable access to YouTube.

Another reason could be your browser.  If you are having trouble witha particular video, try re-launching it using Internet Explorer rather than Chrome or other browser.  
The reason we are putting online course videos on YouTube now, instead of on our own server as we had done previously with the videos, is that YouTube will help ensure learners can view the videos on any device: laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Additionally, our server only limited space compared to YouTube, allowing for future growth of our video library.
In addition to putting the videos on YouTube, we’re also removing Flash from the online course videos. This will eliminate the issue some users were having of not being able to view the videos if they did not have the right version of Flash installed on their computer.