Every upload to CU*BASE via Tool #1375 Data Transfers (Uploads and Downloads) requires a companion file which the system uses to format the data properly. These files must be located on your PC and have a file extension of .FDFX. The standard tables available for uploading can be found on your PC, by following this path: C:\cubase\cubase\resources

Examples of these standard options include – DMPIMPORT, FCBUSINESS, FCPERSON, IMPEMAIL, and more.


Non-standard (custom) tables are exceptions and must be manually generated via a one-time process of first downloading a copy of the file along with its companion .FDFX file. Further instructions for completing this process are available in Instructions to Create a Custom .FDFX Companion File
The older Tool #374 Data Transfers (PC to System i) is also an exception because it requires a file extension of .FDF instead. For the standard upload-capable tables, the .FDF versions of these companion files can also be found in C:\cubase\cubase\resources.