When members post check deposits via RDC, what’s most important to them is getting the money into their account quickly.  RDC-IQ is the fastest way to post RDC transactions to your member accounts – and the most cost-effective for your credit union.  RDC-IQ is the near-real-time posting service solution you’ve been waiting for! 
If you use eDOC Innovations as your RDC back-end processing vendor, then take your RDC program to the next level.  When a member deposits a check via RDC using the CU*Answers mobile app, RDC-IQ will post the deposit into the member’s account almost immediately.   Transactions will be routed through CU*BASE GOLD to post so quickly the member will see the funds right away when they view their account balance. 
If the item is held for review because it does not pass your business rules, then the posting will still be delayed until the transaction is reviewed.  Also, because the RDC-IQ is posting funds into your accounts using CU*BASE, you can take advantage of CU*BASE automated deposit hold features like Electronic Deposit Hold Groups to control holds by check amount or member relationship.
The cost for RDC-IQ processing is just a fraction of standard Remote Deposit Capture, so check out the CU*Answers Store Ops Engine page devoted to RDC-IQ.  
Currently, RDC IQ is only available to credit unions using eDOC Innovations as their RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) vendor with the CU*Answers mobile app.  Not using RDC, but interested in learning more?  Contact the Internet Retailer Support Center (IRSC) or visit its online store for more information.