Originally the CCSESSID field contained random identifier codes or was blank, but effective September 2018 this field now contains values that assist with identifying the details of an online banking login’s channel and authentication type.
For rows/records where CCTYPE = P (phone: CU*Talk), the values in CCSESSID are only valuable for internal processing. They are a combination of the date, internal server, and other values used for internal processing.
For rows/records where CCTYPE = I (internet: It’s Me 247), the values in CCSESSID are separated by a dash (-) and represent the authentication type and login channel that was utilized by the member. To separate the two values into their own unique fields, use the SUBSTR function within the Custom Fields section of your Query:
Authentication Type:
  • NA = Not Available
  • FP = Fingerprint
  • FA = Face
  • VO = Voice
  • PI = PIN
  • UP = Username/Password
  • FO = Forgot Password
  • JP = Jump
  • FI = Face ID
Login Channel:
  • Desktop Browser
  • Mobile Browser
  • Mobile (iOS)
  • Mobile (Android)
  • Loan Application
  • eDoc
  • Custom Software
This is an evolving list and will continue to expand over time as we add new access channels and member online tools.