Tools for Tracking Branch Vault Balances
  1. Within the Trends section of Analytics Booth, there is a Powerline for Vault Cash Total. This Powerline is designed to provide credit unions with a daily total of vault cash as of EOD. Credit union executives and data analysts can review this data to determine if the amount of vault cash on hand at EOD is increasing or decreasing.
Analytics Booth Powerline: Vault Cash Total
  1. The Branch Vault Control (Tool #35) will allow you to access each branch vault to identify the cash balances for any day that an inventory was saved.
  2. The Head Teller Sign-On Confirmation (PHTON2) – This CU*Spy report will provide the total amount of undistributed cash for each branch vault.
  3. The End of Day Head Teller Trial Balance (PHTCL3) – This CU*Spy report will provide the beginning and ending vault cash for each branch.  
  4. If there is an interest in reviewing the raw data for Branch Vault  balances, there are 2 canned queries that may be of interest:
  • Cash Inventory Summary Inquiry (Tool #186) – This tool will provide the rolled total, loose change total, bills total, and misc. totals for all branch vaults.
  • Paper Bill Inventory Inquiry (Tool #575) – This tool will provide the denomination detail for all branch vaults.