The previous tools used for uploading and downloading to and from CU*BASE will be retired when your credit union recieves the 20.07 CU*BASE software release. For online and Site-Four credit unions, that date is Sunday, July 12. Self-processing credit unions will receive the release the following Sunday, July 19. 

To replace the two tools, a new tool was introduced in November 2018, Tool #1375 Data Transfers (Upload or Download). Following the release, this tool will be the default data transfer tool. The functionality of the new tool is largely the same, however, there are a few housekeeping items and tips that will help the transition from using the old tools to Tool 1375. 

Will my upload/download authority change?
No, the iSeries permissions will not change. Any staff member that has permissions to upload, download, or both, will still have the same permissions. If your credit union has not assigned access via Employee Security to Tool 1375, we recommend setting up those assignments whenever you are ready, as the tool already exists on CU*BASE. As always, tool authority does not override iSeries authority! To review who has what download/upload authority at your credit union, review the LSECAUDITM report each month. To review what data has been downloaded, monitor the LSECAUD report each month. To request permission changes for additional staff, use the appropriate forms linked below.

I save data transfer files (.dtf) to remember our download or upload settings. Will those all work with Tool 1375?
The older saved data transfer files (.dtf file extensions) are not compatible with Tool 1375, which instead requires a .dtfx file extension. However, it is not necessary to rebuild each of your saved data transfers and their settings. Tool 1375 has a built-in migration feature which can convert all of your existing .dtf files to the required .dtfx version. 

Where can I find the Data Transfer Migration feature?
Click Actions from the top-menu and select Data Transfer Migration from the dropdown that appears.
Will the Data Transfer Migration tool overwrite the older .dtf versions of my saved data transfers?
No. It will create a brand-new .dtfx version of the data transfer without altering anything about the original.

When clicking Details for the Upload, it's asking for a .FDFX file.  Can I convert our FDF to FDFX file?
There is no need to convert .fdf files for any of the standard CU*BASE upload procedures since the newer .fdfx files are already prepared for you. Use the browse button from the Details screen to navigate to the path C:/cubase/cubase/resources to find the correct .fdfx file.

I need to maintain the ASCII Text file type that was default for the old download tool, what file type do I choose in Tool 1375 to keep this format?
You can choose to adjust the file type settings via Details and then via the dropdown list for File Type. The equivalent to the older Tool 373’s default is “Text (.txt)

Do I still need to convert downloaded files to Excel?
No. The downloaded file will be automatically saved as an Excel-compatible comma-separated value (.csv) format. After downloading the file can be opened immediately using Excel.

Do I still need to open the Properties box and click “Convert CCSID 65535”?
No. This setting is now automatically set by default. You do not need to manually adjust the setting anymore. 

Do I still need to change the date format in format options to USA Standard?
Yes, if date fields are present in your file you should continue to change the date format to USA Standard.

Can I delete or format a column prior to the download? 
This type of maintenance should be done prior to attempting the download, via the Report Builder (Query) tool.

Can I open multiple data transfer windows from this tool?
Yes, you are able to open multiple data transfer windows. 

Will the column headers download with the data?
Default settings do not include the column headers. You can choose to include column headers by adjusting settings via Details, then click Advanced and choose “column names.”

Do I still need to use Tool# 282 to convert reports from HOLDxx to a downloadable file?
Tool #282 is a pre-download intermediary process and will continue to remain that way with no changes to this tool or this process.

Will the documentation be updated to reflect Tool 1375?
Yes! All documentation has already converted to Tool 1375, so please refresh any saved reference materials. If you do find a reference to the old tools, let us know and we will update that right away.