Depending on how you use the search criteria, you may get different search results:
  • If you search on the account number, the results will show the names of the primary and secondary members of that membership. 
  • When you search on first and last name of the person, your results will include accounts where that name is primary or secondary (joint, co-borrower, beneficiary, miscellaneous owner) on the account.  If the person is primary, the results will also include names of people who are secondary to their accounts.
  • If you search on a person's Social Security Number (SSN), you will get results where the person is primary or secondary to an account.
  • If you use any of the other search criteria, the results will show only results that match the primary owner on the account.  For example, if you enter an email address, you will only get results where that data element belongs to the primary owner.