Credit union FROM email addresses are closely regulated and monitored within CU*BASE. As a mass email sender, and as an entity that sends on behalf of the network of credit unions, CU*Answers must meet standards of compliance set forth by email service providers, such as Google and Yahoo. Many of these standards rely on our email being delivered to appropriate and accurate member emails, from correctly configured credit union emails. If we fall out of compliance with these standards, we run the risk of being blocked as spam, and lose our ability (across the network) to deliver mail to members. 

As of December 2023, we are currently evaluating our email standards. You can follow our progress and any changes in the Kitchen. As of this time, you as the credit union have three options for your email domain; 
  1. You subscribe to Member Reach services through Xtend, and have a verified email domain. 
  2. You use a custom domain, such as, and have validated that it is a verified email domain. See below for requirements for using your custom domain. 
  3. You are not a Member Reach client and do not have a valid custom domain, so you will be assigned domain, with the sender as your credit union name. 
If you wish to use your custom domain, our teams must first validate that the email meets the DNS requirements set forth by current regulatory and email provider standards. Your domain must include,

Proper and Valid SPF Record: Specifically, you will need to add CU*Answers as a permitted sender from your domain. If you manage your DNS (or another vendor manages your DNS), add the following to your SPF record: or equivalent. Need help? Network Services can validate or set up your DNS records.

DKIM Records: If you do not have a DKIM Key record for “cubasemail” in your DNS table, you can purchase a key on the CU*Answers store. We will work with you to implement your DKIM key.

You can request a change to any of your credit union FROM addresses by using the link in the CU*Answers store (there is no charge for this service). 

Once your “From:” email address has been validated, Network Services will approve your request and a Client Services Representative will be in contact to confirm the change in email address. If your “From:” email address does not meet the required standards, a member of our Network Services team will be in contact to discuss options to bring your email up to standard before your request can proceed. Additional charges may apply.

If you do not already use your own domain for email, CU*Answers Web Services can assist (CU*Answers Network Services does not provide email hosting/setup).