The update process consists of three steps:
  1. Get the update package from CU*Answers
  2. Unpack the update package
  3. Update the PCs at your site
Files are created by our programming team that need to get to you when it is time for an update. The combined size can be very large. To reduce the size, the files are bundled and compressed. The resulting package is placed on a server here at CU*Answers.
You contact that server and retrieve the update package using either a GUAPPLE device or shortcuts that you have created on the desktop of your udpate server PC. This loads the compressed update package onto your update server.
Once you have the update file package, you unpack the bundle back into its component files in the appropriate folder on your update server PC.
Each time a PC opens a session at your site, it checks your update server for new files. When it finds them, it will pull the new files over and the PC will be updated.
There are obviously more details to the process than this, but this is basically the entire process in a nutshell.