Infrequently, your CU may find a share draft that is "not your item" (drawn on another institution) on your daily member share exceptions.  The following steps should be taken to process these items correctly:
  1. Obtain a copy of the item to confirm that it is actually drawn off another institution and notify your Item Processor to process an adjustment with the Federal Reserve.
  2. Then delete the item from your exception list/file by changing the status of the item from an 'A' (Active) to a 'D' (Delete).  The item will remain in the list until the return file is transmitted, at which time it will be deleted.
  3. Although this item was deleted from the exception list, the funds are still part of the Share Draft Processing Suspense G/L balance (870.02). A manual journal entry will need to be performed to clear this item.  The journal entry will consist of a CREDIT to the 870.02 suspense G/L and a DEBIT to the Bank G/L where the Federal Reserve will settle for the adjustment.