Sage Direct handles the statements for most of our credit union clients, including all online clients.  See the link below for their current address, to be used for delivering statement inserts. 
Over the many years that we have been working with Sage, they have built some very sophisticated programming and implemented new technology to provide CU*BASE clients additional services not available through other providers:
  • Sage Direct provides statistical statement handling information—such as the date when a member’s statement dropped at the post office and the number of inserts that member received!—right from CU*BASE.
  • The systems used by Sage include state-of-the-art features to increase reliability and security, including two-dimensional bar coding.
  • Only Sage allows you to do targeted marketing through your monthly statements using CU*BASE Selective Statement Inserts features.
  • For credit unions implementing CU*BASE online credit cards, only Sage Direct has developed programming to combine regular member statements with credit card statements.
Contact Gary Sage ( or talk with a CU*BASE sales representative for more information about making the switch to Sage Direct!