Yes, through an integrated inhouse Credit Card system incorporated within CU*BASE.  And it is included as a part of the standard CU*BASE system, with no up front investment required!  
Using this tool, CU*BASE clients will be able to bring the servicing of credit cards back internally to your credit union versus paying third party vendors significant monthly fees. CU*BASE clients will have many benefits including the capability to design their own credit card promotional programs, variable card rates with teaser, transaction history retrievals, card maintenance capabilities,  e-statement or paper statements mailings with regular statements, saving double postage costs.  
More than just providing the basics, this package embeds credit card servicing and income features into the teller line, phone centers, PC Banking and all member contact points. Additional features like 999 balance buckets per card, automated rate management and more will allow CU*BASE clients to bring the control of these programs back to the credit union that they have been missing.       
CU*BASE can also support a third-party credit card system via batch transmission features offered through a variety of vendors such as FIS (Fidelity, formerly Certegy) and PSCU.  We call this our "off trial balance" (OTB) tracking system.