CU*Answers offers the opportunity for CU*BASE processed credit unions to become an owner of the CUSO. Each credit union owner owns 200 shares of Class A ownership stock and has one vote.
As a result of becoming a Class A stock owner, credit union owners are are paid a Guaranteed Annual Dividend, and share in any Patronage Dividends, as optionally declared annually by the CU*Answers Board of Directors. 
CU*Answers may also periodically extend opportunities for investing in Debenture Offerings. These offerings have represented an effective strategy for CU*Answers to raise additional working capital. Traditionally, these debenture offerings have provided credit union investors an excellent investment source and high rates of return as tied to a specified index. Per CU*Answers bylaws, only Class A Stockowners are able to invest in these periodic debenture offerings. 
A detailed Stock Prospectus is available to any CU*BASE client interested in becoming a Class A Stockowner.