CU*BASE provides clients a variety of solutions. For ASP clients, all CU*BASE reports are provided online for 90 days and member statements are provided online for 18 months. Each month, select reports and applicable member statements will be archived to  CD-ROM or DVD. This archived media is delivered to the client for future retrieval and retention purposes. All viewing sortware for viewing CD-ROM data is included as a part of the delivered media.  CU*BASE clients processing in-house may optionally utilize CU*Answers for downloading desired data for archiving to desired media.      
Additionally, both ASP and in-house CU*BASE clients may install their own archival server for online retrieval of  archived CU*BASE reports and member statements. This option is especially valuable for clients wishing to have online access to archived data for extended timeframes, or for credit unions with multiple office locations. 
A CU*Answers sales representative will provide a pricing proposal upon request.