Yes, CU*Answers supports many CU*BASE clients having their own internal Fedline terminal. In many cases, they have these terminals for performing additional Fed functions. 

If your credit union has its own Fedline terminal, or you have another vendor assist with your ACH activity, an automated upload of your daily ACH file to CU*Answers will be developed. You may then utilize the CU*BASE ACH Exception Processing system to create your daily return and NOC requests. When done for the day, simply print out the Exception report showing the day’s records and use the printed report for data entry into your Fedline terminal.

If your daily volume of returns and NOCs is heavy, or the responsibilities for ACH returns are handled by more than one employee, you may also wish to take advantage of the automated upload feature. This upload takes all data from the Returns/NOCs file and transfers it directly to the Fedline terminal. Because of the potential differences in procedures and Fedline configurations, this will require extensive testing with your Fed district to ensure that the upload is formatted correctly and performs accurately.