CU*Answers strives to accommodate our clients by offering training in many different formats, from full classroom offerings (see the current CU*Answers University Catalog) to online learning and web conference sessions.  We also offer individual training sessions, and workshops which can be held either at a credit union site, or here at CU*Answers.
For credit union staff to train internally, we offer our web-based online courses as well as hands-on learning using a "pretend" CU*BASE credit union called Bedrock Community CU.
Pre-Conversion Training
Training is performed both at CU*Answers and the client site.  A minimum of two weeks hands-on training is scheduled for all staff at the client site prior to conversion.  We also offer the CU*Expert Program which begins a minimum of six weeks prior to conversion.  Refer to the link for more information on the program.
Post-Conversion Training
Our trainers work with the cu staff on-site for two weeks after the actual conversion for continued training and support.
CU*Answers Online University
This is an interactive training tool for CU staff to use for both pre-conversion and new employee training.  Please refer to the following link for detailed information.
Bedrock Training CU
Bedrock is a set of training files for our online clients. Bedrock is used both pre-conversion and post conversion for new employee training.  Please refer to the following link for more information.
CU*Answers University
A CU*Answers University course catalog is developed each year outlining the six weeks of CU*Answers University including a course schedule, course syllabi, and numerous training tools.  All CU*Answers University weeks are held at our corporate office.
Regional Training Events
Similar to CU*Answers University, we offer training each year in different parts of the country where we have a concentrated number of clients.  The training schedule is determined by the clients, and is based on the offerings in the CU*Answers Education Catalog.  Dates and location are published in the catalog as well.  Please refer to the following link for more information.
Workshops and Individual Training 
To help move from theory to actual hands-on, get-the-job-done training, it is sometimes necessary to get together with CU*Answers trainers in a hands-on “lab” environment. CU*Answers encourages credit unions to take advantage of CU*Answers' training room and workshop environment to actually enter the configuration and start the processing for many of the topics described in the CU*Answers Catalog. Please refer to the following link for more information.