This occurs when the release includes changes to the files that your Query uses.  For example, if we add a new field to the MASTER file, any Query you have that uses that file will display an error message.  Fortunately, it is very easy to "refresh" your Query so that you can use it again.
All you need to do is access the Query and save it.  That's all.  You don't have to make changes to it, it's just important that you save it so it can refresh itself to match the new file layout.  Here are the steps:
  1. Launch Tool #100 "CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)"
  2. Choose Option 2=Change and enter the Query name, then press Enter to open it
  3. When the Report Builder Main Menu appears, press F3-Exit
  4. Make sure Save Changes is set to Yes.  (The Run option can be set to 3=Do Not Run, or you may also run it now if you wish.)
  5. Press Enter to save. 

Your Query should run normally from now on.

NOTE: This tip is also included on the Tool Changes memo that your credit union receives with every release announcement.  Visit the Release Summaries page of our website at to see past memos.