Our official statement is that CU*BASE is not integrated with any TCD or TCR hardware solution; however, you may find the information below helpful.

When considering which model of TCD or TCR to select, it is important to realize that supported models are determined by your solution provider not CU*Answers. For example, if you are utilizing DynaCash, as the provider of the software that interfaces between CU*BASE and the cash handling hardware then they would determine compatibility. With this in mind we suggest that you consult the solution provider’s list of supported hardware and you choose a vendor in your area that has a good reputation and will provide the necessary support. As most utilize DynaCash, we’ve provided a link below to the list of DynaCash supported hardware which can be found on their website located here: 

NOTE: This information is subject to change. CU*Answers does not guarantee hardware compatibility with CU*BASE. Manufacturers may change hardware configurations at any time without notice and we regularly see variations even within given model numbers. Because providers such as DynaCash solely determines models of hardware they support CU*Answers makes no warranties as to suitability of hardware for a given purpose. Contact Imaging Solutions at imaging@cuanswers.com