To change a membership from individual to organizational (or vice versa):

  1. Launch Tool #3 "Open/Maintain Memberships/Accts”
  2. Enter the account base and click Update Membership/Account Info
  3. Check the Membership information flag (if you also need to do joint owner maintenance, you can check that flag now as well), then press Enter or click Go to proceed
  4. Click Unlock Fields
  5. Click Chg to Orgn or Chg to Indv
  6. Click the lookup button next to the Designation field and choose the appropriate designation
    (Remember you will only be able to choose designation codes that match the membership type, either individual or organization, for this member.  The TR Trust designation can be used for either type.)
  7. Make any needed changes to the member’s name field(s)
  8. Enter the appropriate information into the DBA name field
  9. Press Enter to save changes and continue through the remaining update screens
  10. If you also requested to update joint owner information on Step 3 above, you will be brought to the joint owner/beneficiary maintenance screens where you can add new joint owner information or modify existing information as needed. 

Remember that you can no longer use the primary member’s SSN when setting up a joint owner. Exception: If that member has two separate memberships, CU*BASE will let you select the other membership to link to as a joint owner.