If you pull credit reports using the CU*BASE online credit bureau access system, credit report data is stored online and can therefore be mined for opportunities.  There are a couple of ways you can find this information:

  • Use Tool #976 "Where Your Members Borrow"  
    This tool pulls trade line data from stored credit report files, showing other financial institutions with whom your members do business.   This tool lets you make a direct comparison between your credit union and a competitive FI.  For example, you know your credit card program is much better than ABC Bank down the street, so you want to promote your program to members that do business with ABC Bank.  Once you have evaluated the data, you can use the Export feature to create a database file of account numbers for members who do business with ABC Bank.  You can then use Member Connect features to contact them directly (via email, home banking message, mailing labels, etc.), or link that file to other files using the CU*BASE Report Builder (Query) for further analysis.
  • Use Tool #100 "CU*BASE  Report Builder (Query)" to create a custom report or inquiry
    The file CRBTRD stores tradeline information from your credit report files.  The file CRBSUM contains summary information and the credit score, so you could link the two files to compare tradeline to credit score.    

You could also use the two methods in combination:  First, get the list of members using the Export feature in "Where Your Members Borrow," then link that file to the CRBSUM file to pull in the member's credit score for comparison.  CU*BASE Report Builder is flexible and very powerful, so the sky's the limit for creative thinkers. 

HINT:  Remember when you are contacting members that some people may be alarmed if they think you are paying too close attention to their specific information.  The idea is to keep the message low key and indirect.  (Think "we have great rates on a boat loan" not "we see you have a boat loan at ABC Bank...") The tools are designed to help you find your audience, so that your message gets to the right people.