CU*BASE Online Documentation is an open and evolving set of ideas about how credit unions use tool sets for meeting member needs.  It is presented in an open format as part of a collaborative exchange on two levels:

  • First and foremost, with the current clients and owners participating with CU*Answers in building better solutions. 
  • Second, as part of an industry project to exchange ideas, experiences, and business processes that influence how members are served regardless of the specific platform. 

This allows not only our internal stakeholders to participate, but also the external ones: industry peers, industry competitors, and even the ultimate owners: credit union members.  Open is a state of mind; collaboration is based on open exchange.  We believe this is one more example of our commitment to those ideals.

In balancing the risk of exposing CU*BASE user manuals to the open internet, CU*Answers reviewed the need to make the system convenient for extended learning at the office, home, and flexible learning sites for different kinds of audiences.  A conservative set of required users would be in excess of three thousand individuals internal to our network (more if you consider the need for external comment from other parties such as examiners, supervisory committees, and even regulators). 

So the option to control passwords and limit exposure by developing a "closed" system is not considered feasible or even reliable.  Ultimately, organizational passwords would be shared over and over with present and past employees, potential clients, and changing external players.  Nothing would be gained for the expense, the false sense of control, or the effort required to manage such a system.

Balanced against what could be lost - open education, better users, more informed oversight, and knowledge-based collaboration - and the CU*Answers risk assessment yielded the decision to make the system open.