To take advantage of the CU*Answers online imaging solution, there are a few required pieces of hardware. Each branch will each need an Gweep upload appliance to transfer the electronic images to the secure database. Additionally, scanners are needed to capture photo IDs (and supporting documents for loans), and signature pads are needed at each workstation where receipts are signed. Thermal printers are required for the system. 

These hardware devices are described in more detail below:

Gweep Upload Appliance
This appliance is a small server that uploads the documents produced by the capture utility (ProDOC) to CU*Answers' secure database that hosts the data. This appliance also pushes changes and updates to the the software on the workstations at the credit union.

Signature Pad
A device used to electronically capture the signature of the member. 
CU*Answers offers a backlit model with a durable glass signing area and an active stylus that includes a three-year renewable warranty. Typically will remain in service for at least 3 yrs. depending upon usage and care.

A device used to scan a Photo ID or other document to create an electronic copy of it. CU*Answers offers two models of scanners both typically will provide 3 yrs. of service depending upon care and use.

  • One scans the size of a driver's license and fits neatly in the smaller work area of a teller workstation.
  • The other option is a larger scanner that can scan paper that is 8 1/2" wide. This works well for back office and loan officer workstations to scan other types of documents.

Thermal Receipt Printer
A printing device that uses heat to transfer text to chemically treated paper.

All specifications are subject to change.  Refer to "Hardware & Network Specification" below for current specifications.