Look to see if the loan is flagged not to report to the credit bureau:  Access Tool #20 "Update Account Information" (shortcut: acct) for the account and click the "Credit Reporting Info" button.  The Report to credit bureau flag must be checked.

Look at the Credit Report History located in Loan Account Inquiry via the Delinquency window (F23 or click the lookup button next to the Delinquent flag).  Each month has a separate listing.  NOTE: If the loan is closed the monthly history will continue to appear with Reported = N. CU*Answers only reports closed loans for the month during which the loan was paid off.

Review the member information - Does the name or address have any invalid characters or spacing?  Is the address coded as foreign?  Is the member 18 years of age?  Is the account designation coded as "Organizational?"  (CU*Answers can only report "Individual" membership designations.)

Review the same information for the joint owner looking at membership and non-member records.  (CU*Answers can only report 1 additional person that has the same address as the primary member and one that does not have the same address.)

Review the Purpose Code listed on the member account via Tool #706 "Purpose Code Configuration."  The reporting types must be valid.  Online help will show the most current codes accepted by the Credit Bureau.