First, verify that the SigPlusBasic software is installed on your workstation.  If it is there should be a "Program Files\SigPlus" folder.

If there isn't, install it through the installation disk that came with the signature pad.  Once it is installed, follow these steps:

1. Verify that the signature pad is connected to the computer.

2. Locate the Demo.ocx program and run it. Depending on how the SigPlusBasic software was installed it, there may be a shortcut on your desktop otherwise the Demo.ocx can be located inside the SigPlus folder.

3. From the Demo.ocx program, click the start button and sign your name on the pad.  If your name shows up in the signature window in the program, your signature pad is working fine. If you are done testing, click "stop" and exit out of the program.

4. If you signature did appear in step 3 however it does not appear in your ProDOC software, contact Client services for assistance.

5. If your signature does not appear in the Demo.ocx program, further troubleshooting is required. Please contact Client Services for assistance.

6. If you have a serial pad or aren't sure if you have a serial or USB pad, please contact Client Services for assistance to test your signature pad.