Simply put, it is a way for your members to continue using interactive services such as audio response and online banking, ATM/debit cards, and online credit cards for their financial needs, even while CU*BASE is off line for normal daily or monthly processing.   

CU*BASE uses a special style of stand-in processing that allows for continued use of CU*TALK audio response and It's Me 247 online banking services even during the night when we perform end-of-day and end-of-month processing.  Refer to the link below for more complete details on how CU*BASE stand-in processing works for audio response and online banking.

Third-party ATM, Debit and Credit Card vendors also have their own stand-in processing, for times when communications between the vendor and our core system is offline for any reason, whether planned or unplanned interruptions.  In these situations a member's transaction activity is typically authorized based off a PBF (positive balance file) record showing the member's balance as of the last time the PBF was updated.