Updates to fields such as address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, email, or code word, as well as phone number deletion, re-arranging phone numbers by Seq #, and changing phone number flags triggers a vendor maintenance record.

Please be aware, any maintenance will update all cards attached to that membership!

When a maintenance record is triggered, the phone numbers in CU*BASE will be transmitted to the vendor as they are labeled in MASTPH. This means that if the Primary phone number on vendor’s side is different than the Nighttime # we have on file, and something changes on the membership (like an address change for example), we will be sending the nighttime and daytime number that we currently have as the primary and secondary numbers. For debit cards, this may override what is on the vendor’s side if the activation number is different than the Nighttime #.

A special note for credit cards: If anything is done to the primary membership (address change, email update, etc.) we will send over a maintenance record. We will, however, send the same activation # still as the primary number (it does not change). IF the nighttime phone number changes, and it matched to what is in the activation field, we will send the new nighttime number as the primary instead and update the activation field in CCCTGDAT.