Our policy is to adhere to PCI Data Security Standard/Security Audit Procedures mandates (these are the rules from Visa about how ATM, Debit, and Credit Card information is protected) which read as follows:
3.3      Mask PAN when displayed (the first six and last four digits are the maximum number of digits to be displayed).
Note: This requirement does not apply to employees and other parties with a specific need to see the full PAN; nor does the requirement supersede stricter requirements in place for displays of cardholder data (for example, for point of sale [POS] receipts).

If employees need to be able to look up full, unmasked ATM and debit card numbers, grant these employees access to Tool #11 "ATM/Debit Card Maintenance" and/or Tool #12 "Update/Order Online Credit Cards." 

For access to OTB credit card numbers, uncheck the "Mask OTB CC number" box in the fourth screen of CU Parameter Configuration (OPER 10, 2).  Once this is unchecked, employees will be able to see the full card number on the "Member Plastics/OTB Products" screen that lists the OTB credit cards (accessed via the OTB (F17) button from Inquiry). NOTE:  The full number is available when this screen is accessed via Inquiry only and not Phone Operator.