The CU*BASE GOLD application does not support dynamically resizing your window, but is instead laid out to fit a specific size.  Starting with the 20.07 release, CUB*ASE GOLD supports three different sizes (see the related item below for more information on the available sizes). 

If your workstation's screen resolution is set to the recommended level for the screen size you're viewing (not magnified*), then the CU*BASE GOLD application window will fill your screen. If you have a higher resolution, the CU*BASE GOLD application window will appear smaller than your screen.  If you have a lower resolution, the CU*BASE window will extend beyond the edges of the screen so that it cannot be seen.  

*Note: If you are using the magnification feature available in Microsoft Windows Display options (referred to as "Scale and layout"), your CU*BASE window may not fit within the frame of your monitor.