The dormancy tool does not do this, although it is possible to create automated transfer (AFT) records to move funds from member accounts according to whatever policies and procedures your credit union wants to use.  Keep in mind that our dormany and escheat monitoring system works at the entire membership level, not individual accounts (in other words, it's about membership dormancy, not account inactivity).  Likewise, when the system uses your escheat settings to flag an account as escheatable, it refers to the entire membership.  However, the actual process of escheating funds is up to your credit union, according to your specific situation and the rules to which you are subject.  For example, you'll want to be careful about setting up automated account balance sweeps from IRA/HSA accounts like you might for a member's other savings and checking accounts, since that money will likely be subject to different rules about timing. 

It is possible that someday we will be able to incorporate more sophisticated features into our dormancy monitoring tools (for example, on our long-term wish list is automated notices for dormancy fees, in advance of fees being charged).  However, we always try to remember that the whole point of dormancy monitoring is that a live person needs to keep an eye on these accounts, for the sake of the member’s security and to avoid fraud.  The more we take that out of a person’s hands and make the system “just do things” automatically, the more we degrade the purpose of the tool to detect fraud.  It's a balancing act we always try to keep in mind.