1. Access CU*Spy as usual. Enter the report name and the date span in the search fields. Click on Search.
  2. When the report has loaded, put a checkmark in the box next to the report(s) and click on the Combine and Print printer icon at the top of the list. (Leave the default of.TXT). The report will now load in a new browser window.
  3. Click on the File and Save As in the upper left hand corner of the browser page with the report displayed. (If you don't see File, press and release the Alt key to display the browser's menu bar.)
  4. A window will open for you to save the document on your computer. Navigate to the drive (such as C:\) and folder where you would like to save the report.
  5. Make sure you choose the following from the Save as type drop-down box: Text File (*.txt)
  6. Enter a name for the report in the File name field.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Open Excel as usual. Click on File and then Open. Select the file you just saved to your hard drive.  (You may need to change the File types drop-down to display *.TXT files.)
  9. The text import wizard will appear.  (Hint: It is the same process as if you were downloading a file through Tool #1375 Data Transfers (Upload or Download).)
  10. Follow the instructions on the import wizard to place column breaks.  After using the wizard and inserting or deleting lines, you can now remove any unnecessary information from your Excel spreadsheet.
You will then go through the same process for each of the reports.  The feature in CU*Spy DOES allow you to combine more than one report for printing/downloading; however, because some reports are so large, you may only be able to do one day at a time.