It is possible to have two people review the same loan application screen.  This is helpful if you would like for two people two review the screens together who are on different workstations.  For example, you may have a loan officer and a loan underwriter review the screens together.  

If you review loan application screens this way, the last person to leave the screen will have their changes saved.  Let's review this example:

Sue Loanofficer and Mary Underwriter are reviewing a loan application together and are both on the Income loan application screen.  Mary makes an update to the screen and presses Enter to move to the next loan application screen.  Then Sue presses Enter to move to the next screen.  Sue's selections will be saved over Mary's.  Mary's changes will not be saved.

For Mary's changes to be saved, Mary will need to make her changes on the Income screen and then press Enter to save her changes.  Sue will need to use the backup key to move back to the previous loan application screen.  When she presses Enter to enter the Income screen, she will see Mary's changes.  When she presses Enter again to move to the next loan application screen, Mary's changes will remain.