Tool # 868 "Transaction Override Report" allows you to create a report that shows when a transaction override was performed on an account that was frozen, had secured or uncollected funds, as well as transaction overrides to par value (below minimum).

This report was added to the Report Scheduler feature with the 15.3 CU*BASE release in December 2015.

It is easy to use the Report Scheduler tool to archive monthly reports.  Just enter the filter screen and make your selection of which type of override you wish to save to CU*SPY monthly.  Then use the Save Settings button to save your report to the Report Scheduler feature.  To includes all overrides for the month, enter 31 in the day field. (The report allows you to select one type of override. To archive multiple types of overrides, create multiple scheduled reports.)

Learn how to schedule a report in Show Me the Steps online help by clicking the first link below.  Links below also take you to the Transaction Overide report help topic in CU*BASE online help and the "Automated Reports and Queries" booklet.