Configuring Encryption
 ***IMPORTANT:  You must have local administrator privileges on the PC to complete these procedures.***

1. Download the Configure Encryption utility from 


2. Run the tool as an administrator

3. After running the tool, launch the print session and navigate to “Communication > Configure”

4. Click the “Properties” button

5. Select “Use System iNavigator default”, “Use Secured Sockets Layer (SSL)”, and “Use Default” as shown in the image below:

6. Ensure the “Port number:” box shows “992”

7. Press “OK”

8. Sign in to the print session and test functionality

9. Verify that the print session is connecting over port 992, as well as that the lock icon in the lower left hand corner shows closed.

IMPORTANT: Steps 3-9 must be completed for every print session on every workstation. If a computer has a separate print session for their loan forms, receipt, and general printer, these steps must be completed for each print session.