A discrepancy in the number and amount of loans is because the reports gather the information differently.   The Selective Loan Info report (sometimes referred to as the "Loan Trial Balance") is gathering the loans using “Total number of payments” and the Loan Maturity Report is calculating the length of time to maturity from the appropriate date (as specified for “Calculate length of time from maturity from”) and gathering the loans that fall into the maturity ranges entered.       
The Specialized Lending section of the 5300 Call Report asks for fixed rate mortgage loans to be reported based on original maturity. 
  • Fixed Rate > 15 years
  • Fixed Rate 15 Years or less

Loan Maturity Analysis Report (Tool #467)
  • Report is run using "Calculate length of time to maturity date from" equal to "Original term" and "Maturity Ranges" of 001 to 180 months (>15 years) and 181 to 999 months (15 years or less). This report calculates the loans to include by comparing the open date with the maturity ranges entered.     
Selective Loan Information Report (Tool #788)
  • This report must be run twice - once with “Total # of payments” 1 to 180 and once with “Total # of payments” 181 to 999.  This method uses the "Total # of Payments" stored on the MEMBER5/MEMBER6 to capture the loans.