There is a credit union-level on/off flag where you can disable auto-security as an option for ALL of your employees.  To access this, launch Tool #327 Employee Security and use the CU Options button.

If it is enabled, anyone can choose to activate it if they wish, either manually by clicking the button at the bottom of the home page, or via their Preferences.  

All auto-security does is keeps a person from having to type his or her ID and password over and over again.  They still need to have permission to access a tool, even if auto-security has been turned on. 

Also remember that your employee ID controls more than just your access privileges: your entire user experience is attached to that employee ID.  This is why we always recommend that when a user needs to access a tool using someone else's workstation, they use the Windows function (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to sign into that workstation and then launch CU*BASE and sign in using their own user ID and employee ID.