You can schedule the AFT payment to "pay the amount in full every time (for credit cards or lines of credit)."  

Making this selection allows the member wants to pay the credit card balance off in full every time.  Regardless of the actual credit card balance at the time the transfer is made, AFT will transfer the amount printed in the New Balance field of the billing statement.  That New Balance amount will be deducted from the designated Transfer From account.  The recommended frequency with this method is Monthly. 

If, however, the AFT payment amount will result in an overpayment on the loan, the transfer amount will be adjusted to the loan's current balance. 
  • For example at ABC credit union a member’s last statement balance was $285.00; however, the member transferred $25.00 (making the new current balance $260.00).  When the AFT is processed it will only pull $260.00 (the loan’s current balance) not $285.00.