CU*BASE allows for up to 99 individual savings bonds to be redeemed in a tax year under a member's account base and SSN. A redemption is done using Tool #913 Update Savings Bond Information.  Enter the member's account number and SSN to proceed. The next screen will allow you to record the principal and interest paid to post the redemption.

Each redemption is assigned a sequence number at the time of posting, and can be found through the YTD inquiry option in Tool #913. The sequence number is assigned by account base, so if a member has more than one account it would allow 99 bonds to be redeemed under each account. In the event that a member only has one account, and more than 99 savings bonds to redeem, a prior sequence number can be modified.

For members with more than 99 savings bonds to redeem with only one account base, use Tool #913 to update the pay out information for an existing sequence number. After entering the account base and SSN for the member, include the sequence number that you will be modifying. On the redemption screen enter the total principal and interest paid for the current and prior redemption amounts and post.