Remember, definitions matter; there is more than one right way to designate a membership as an online banking user/non-user. Here are the two most common criteria for defining non-user members, by:
Enrollment: A non-user is someone who has not yet accepted the Online Banking Use (EULA) Agreement.
Activity: A non-user is someone who has not logged in within the past “X” days/months. That includes never. You decide how long the “X” timeframe should be to consider someone a non-user.
The approach to finding these lists is different for each definition you choose to use for identification of an “online banking non-user”. Here is the key table and field names, with the answer on how to use these to accomplish a list meeting either definition of an online banking non-user:
Key tables and fields:
MASTER table – This is a list of all current members
MBROBSDEMQ table – This is a view table that smooths out the query work by collecting complex online banking engagement information from various places in the system. It includes anyone who has had at least a default password issued for online banking at some point.
PCINDM field – This lives in MASTER and is the date recorded when a member accepts the Online Banking Use Agreement
HBLLOGDTE field – This lives in MBROBSDEMQ and is the date representing the member’s most recent successful login to online banking.
To find members not enrolled in online banking – have not accepted use agreement:
Query the MASTER table with a filter of:
PCINDM equal to 0.
The PCINDM field is the primary field recording the date a member accepted the online banking use agreement. 0 is the null value, acting as a placeholder until an acceptance date can be recorded in the future.
To find members not using online banking – has no logins within the past ‘X’ months (includes those who have never enrolled)
Use query to join the MASTER and MBROBSDEMQ tables. This ensures all members will be evaluated.
In the query set a filter of:
HBLLOGDTE less than or equal to ‘YYYY-MM-DD’*
*choose a date representing how many months back you want to set the limit.