The $5,000 hold isn't something CU*BASE does currently and is manually performed at the credit union level, by creating a second hold record for the amount exceeding $5,000.  On the second hold, the Reg CC release date must be set to the same date as the Release date, so that a second Reg CC release of $225 isn't performed.

This will require a new internal procedure for your credit union.  Use Tool #919 Update Uncollected Funds Information to add a new hold record or adjust an existing one.  (TIP: When adding a new record for the amount over $5,000, you'll first need to save the record with just the desired Release date, then edit the record in order to adjust the Reg CC release date.)

We are currently investigating possible enhancements to the CU*BASE automated holds process to handle these large-amount deposits in a more automated fashion.  Keep an eye on the recipe in the Kitchen for the latest news: