**Please note that the implementation of this change was previously scheduled to occur on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. We identified the need for adjusments before deployment, and the implementation was rescheduled for Tuesday, February 9, 2021** 

On February 9th 2021, CU*BASE will begin using only phone numbers that are stored in the MASTPH file when generating card activation information to send to vendors on initial card orders. The numbers in MASTPH are determined by the label/flag applied in Tool #3 Open/Maintain Memberships/Accounts or Tool #15 Update Membership Information as follows:
  • Nighttime # - primary phone number sent to vendor and defaulting into the Card Activation field when ordering a card.
  • Daytime # - secondary phone number sent to the vendor.
  • Mobile – cell phone number, only sent to specific vendors at this time (Fiserv, JHA, Co-Op, and FIS).
These labels/flags will be available in membership update tools for phone number selection following the February 9th release. Moving forward from this conversion, these flags determine the numbers sent to vendors. Phone number sequence numbers will only relate to plastics orders if multiple phone numbers are marked as daytime or nighttime - in this case, the lowest sequenced number will be used.  

What will CU*Answers do with existing phone numbers at the time of implementation?

At the time of implementation of this change, we will perform a conversion over existing phone numbers to apply the appropriate nighttime and daytime flags. We will take the lowest sequenced primary member phone number and flag that number as the Nighttime # (primary phone number), and the work phone number will be flagged as the Daytime # (secondary phone number). More specifically, nighttime # will come from the phone number in the MASTER file, and daytime # from the MASTRL file. 

We are not sending a mass update to vendors for these changes, as they will be picked up and sent to vendors as regular maintenance records are generated (read more on that below). 

What is changing with maintenance as it pertains to phone numbers and card vendors?

With this new method, we are updating the maintenance process to include changes to these phone numbers when sending maintenance records to the vendor.  This means that in addition to updates to fields such as address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, email, or code word, that trigger a maintenance record, we are now including phone number deletion, re-arranging phone numbers by Seq #, and changing phone number flags as triggers for maintenance.

Please be aware, any maintenance will update all cards attached to that membership! When a maintenance record is triggered, the phone numbers in CU*BASE will be transmitted to the vendor as they are labeled in MASTPH. This means that if the Primary phone number on vendor’s side is different than the Nighttime # we have on file, and something changes on the membership (like an address change for example), we will be sending the nighttime and daytime number that we currently have as the primary and secondary numbers. For debit cards, this may override what is on the vendor’s side if the activation number is different than the Nighttime #.

A special note for credit cards: If anything is done to the primary membership (address change, email update, etc.) we will send over a maintenance record. We will, however, send the same activation # still as the primary number (it does not change). IF the nighttime phone number changes, and it matches to what is in the activation field, we will send the new nighttime number as the primary instead and update the activation field in the credit card data file. 

Do these changes impact other functions of CU*BASE, or other teams at my credit union?

The flags themselves are used only for EFT functions at this time. As these flags are on the membership update screens, service teams that open memberships or update member information should be made aware of the functionality of the flags. In the simplest terms when opening memberships, remember Nighttime # = Primary and Daytime # = Secondary. As always, users can read more in the online help for the "Update Membership" screen. 

Where can I find out more information about these changes? 

The SettleMINT EFT team held training sessions on January 18 and 21 to discuss the changes and answer questions. View the January 18 training session OnDemand.