Mobile First means…starting with the smallest canvas you support (a phone) and designing an experience for that, instead of working from large (desktop) to small (phone), with all of the compromises that entails. In other words, we design in It’s Me 247 mobile banking first and then decide how those feature work in desktop banking.

Mobile First means…a unified look, feel and navigation for desktop, mobile web, and mobile app banking.  Mobile first means making tools that looks like they were designed smart, considering the inherent differences between device capabilities (hover versus swipe, for example).

Mobile First means…a great tablet design means no more desktop-only UI.  Features that used to require the desktop UI (due to screen size), we’ll now think tablet instead.

Mobile First means…modules: a unified development strategy that allows functions to be coded once, and deployed in a variety of platforms.

Mobile First means…reflecting the way the rest of the world is going.