Yes, but it does work a little differently right now. (We're referring to the "Leave message for member via Audio & Online Banking" feature via Tool #70 Enter General Member Comments/Messages.)

At this time, if you use Comment type 7 and choose message code 99 (the free-form text message), your custom message will be delivered to the Secure Message Center, and the member will see the new member messaging box at the top of the page when they log in, so they can click the link to read the message in the message center.  

However, the new look is currently not able to handle any of the standard message codes also available via that tool. (Those still work for audio response, of course.)  We will be working a project to reinstate those in the future, but in the meantime always be sure to choose code 99 and enter your own message content if you wish to send a message to your member via the new look for It's Me 247.