When a new member joins your credit union through MOP, they can fund their account with a plastic from another FI.  Magic-Wrighter uses this information to debit the member via the plastics rails, then credits the member in CU*BASE via ACH.  Therefore, because no ACH debit transaction is being originated, we do not believe there is any need to opt into the Magic-Wrighter Web Debit Validation service if you offer funding via your MOP site.

As far as the CU*BASE A2A toolkit in partnership with Magic-Wrighter, because your credit union must configure the third-party FI information in CU*BASE prior to the member having access to initiate A2A transactions, you are responsible for performing a validation on the ownership of the account.  Many CUs, for example, require a member to provide a statement that lists them as the account owner to establish the A2A relationship in CU*BASE.  We believe this meets NACHA’s requirements related to account validation. 

Please note that if you offer other services as part of your relationship with Magic-Wrighter, you should review those processes independently to determine whether it makes sense for your credit union to opt into Magic-Wrighter’s validation service.