While your credit union certainly may decide to add some more marketing spin, here is some basic information that you can share with your members when you activate complex password for your members in It’s Me 247.

On [enter date] our credit union will be activating complex passwords for all members. Enter this new password in the place of your existing password going forward when you log into It’s Me 247, regardless of the device you use to log in. Complex passwords are more secure because they contain three of the following: A capital letter, a lower-case letter, a special character, and a number.

If you already have created a complex password, great! Nothing will change for you.

On [enter date], if you do not have a complex password, the next time you log in you will automatically advance to the password setup screen will prompt you to create one.

Your new password can include:
  • Up to 256 characters (be sure to include the minimum required of [enter your credit union minimum here, at least 6] characters)
  • Spaces are allowed in passwords
  • Upper and lower characters (but password are case-sensitive)
  • Numbers
To be complex, your new password will also need to have three of the following four items:
  • A capital letter
  • A lower-case letter
  • A special character**
  • A number
**Note: There are certain special characters that cannot be used in a password. They include: Caret: ^  Left Bracket: [  Right Bracket: ]  Double Quote "  

Once you enter your new password in the field provided, you will click “Change Password.” From then on you will use this password whenever you log into It’s Me 247.

Don’t like your password and want to change it? No problem! If at any time you want to update your password, you can do so in the Personal & Information section of It’s Me 247.

Learn more here about complex passwords in online help: https://itsme247.com/Help/Content/Password.htm